When Rotor Aerodynamic Imbalance impacts WT performance

Rotor Aerodynamic Detection

When Rotor aerodynamic imbalance impacts your wind turbine performance... Windfit is there to help. How?

Let us share a client's case where Windfit detected a sudden increase of the aerodynamic imbalance (1). At the same time, a significant plunge of the turbines power curve was observed (2) on the Windfit web portal results.

Rotor aerodynamic imbalance june 2019

Our client called their O&M ENERCON who, based on Windfit's diagnosis, went on site to check the zero angle of the blades and found a 3° pitch offset on one of them.

rotor aerodynamic imbalance 2 june 2019

Less than a month after Windfit sent its alert, our client fixed the issue (3) impacting the turbine's performance, leading to an 6.5% AEP gain.

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