Digital solutions for wind turbine performance monitoring

Windfit: digital solution for wind turbine industry

The emergence and development of innovative digital solutions in the wind energy industry is a strong and inevitable trend. Given the gradual disappearance of feed-in tariffs and the implementation of reverse auction systems are giving the market a different dynamic, with the main consequence being a significant drop in the resale price of electricity. Average prices have decreased by 50% in the last 8 years, directly impacting the wind farms Return On Investment (ROI).

For asset managers to get a better ROI, the focus is shifting from availability to wind turbine performance and status monitoring. Focusing on turbine performance is a game changer for major players and a key power factor to go and look for bigger production margins, more in line with the new business model.

A challenge for the clients coming down to an opportunity for the O&Ms to improve their customer relationship by developing their quality of service and integrating the performance corrective actions in their maintenance procedures. O&M strategies evolve today depending on the brand, and even within the same brand, depending on the region. The switch has been turned on and it’s very promising to see virtuous three party collaboration starting to settle in, step by step. It bodes well for the digital development of the whole wind power industry.

Sereema's very own MD Mus Rezzoug talks more on the issue and presents Windfit on this issue of PES Wind. To be launched at the Wind Energy Hamburg fair, Sereema invites you to read the virtual version of the article available for download here.

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