Meet Sereema in Copenhagen for WindEurope 2019 Offshore Fair

Copenhagen will host the 2019 WindEurope Offshore Exhibition

Windfit will be a guest in the home of wind industry giants like Vestas, Orsted, MHI Vestas and LM Wind Power.

Sereema's team is attending Wind Europe 2019 dedicated offshore wind energy event in Copenhagen, on November 26-28.

Denmark is the leader in wind energy penetration, with wind energy producing enough electricity to cover 44% of its domestic consumption last year.

windfarm north sea WE2019

Book your one on one with our experts during the show to learn about leading-edge, advanced Windfit IoT technology to autonomously diagnose wind turbines offshore fleet and give back decision making power to wind farm operators with their asset management.

Want to meet us ?

Pick any available slot below and book a meeting during the event. We will contact you quickly and confirm your reservation.

Nov. 26, 2019Nov. 27, 2019Nov. 28, 2019
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4 p.m.Book Now4 p.m.Book Now4 p.m.Book Now
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The calendar above use local time and dates: Europe/Copenhagen.

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