Oct. 13, 2022 ---

Python/Django Developer (Internship)

Join Sereema for an internship in web development!

Sereema is an innovative company specialized in wind energy and energy transition. Sereema produces Windfit, a monitoring and optimization solution for wind turbines. This solution includes a 2G/4G connected box (designed in-house), calculation servers, automatic alerts and diagnostics that can be consulted online.

The internship

We are looking for an intern in full-stack or back-end web development to integrate our diversified DEV team (developers, data scientist, electronics engineers) and strongly R&D oriented. You will participate in the development of the entire product and its deployment. Your mission will consist of:

  • Develop new tools for massive data analysis;
  • Improve the performance of the analysis pipeline;
  • Develop new functionalities;
  • Integrate the algorithms developed by the R&D team into the analysis infrastructure;
  • Monitor the automated monitoring and alerts of the production servers;

Technical Stack

The backend and the web portal are developed in Python (Django 4.1) and hosted in AWS ECS (containers as a service). Data storage is done on Postgres and S3. Data analysis uses Numpy/Scipy/Scikit-learn.
The front end is mostly simple HTML/CSS with some Javascript (without pre/trans/compilation), SVG and D3 for data visualization. The product is a monolith tested and deployed continuously, Friday included.

Skills required: Python, Django, English Skills appreciated: Git, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Linux/Unix

Why apply?

You will participate in all stages of product development: from defining the need, proposing solutions to the application in the product. This internship will allow you to develop teamwork skills, code development on Python/Django as well as to apply your theoretical knowledge in solving real-world problems.

Duration: 3 to 6 Months Location: Partial telework and Montpellier, FR

CV and Contact: contact@sereema.com