Windfit at the 6th edition Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum

Jerome Imbert has been invited to speak at the 6th edition of Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum in Berlin. The conference will happen at the Crowne Plaza in Berlin, Germany on December 4th & 5th 2018.

The main topics to be discussed should include:

  • Digital wind turbine
  • Digital operations and new business models
  • Advanced wind flow modelling and forecasting
  • Optimizing operations, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency through digitalization
  • Enhanced performance optimization and reliability assessment
  • Advanced Data analytics and predictive maintenance
  • Advanced condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Data driven monitoring and inspection
  • Practical applications of artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies
  • Rethinking data security in the age of windfarm digitalization

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To have more details about Bis Group 6th edition Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum, click here

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