Yaw Misalignment Revolution: A White Paper by Sereema

Yaw misalignment white paper

A new day has arrived for the wind industry because we are releasing some of our secrets!

The Yaw Misalignment Revolution White Paper studies this performance issue in detail to reveal the effects on turbine performance and lifetime.

A sneak peak awaits:

The yaw system is the mechanism all modern turbines have to handle direction changes on the wind. As winds are not constant by nature, wind turbines always need to face the wind to keep generating electricity. In order to do that, turbines are equipped with one or multiple wind sensors that measure the wind direction. This sensor, either a wind vane or an ultrasonic anemometer, sends out a signal to the turbine controller to yaw the turbine some degrees right or left when a wind direction change is detected.

What does happen, however, if this sensor is not providing the right signal to the turbine? Or if the turbine controller is not interpreting the signal well? We define a yaw misalignment as the condition where a wind turbine is not appropriately aligned to the wind flow.

Recent studies suggest that over 50% of turbines operate with more than 6° of static yaw misalignment

In this whitepaper the current status of this significant performance issue: the yaw misalignment will be studied in detail, understanding its effects on turbine performance and lifetime. A thorough review of the current technologies to detect, correct and monitor static yaw misalignment will be presented, together with the introduction of a novel approach through Windfit technology that allows for more cost effective monitoring than current techniques.

Yaw Misalignment Detection techniques benchmarking

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