Windfit by Sereema

Automated digital wind turbine optimization

Plug & Play Sensor Box

Windfit Box

Diagnoses Dashboard

Windfit Portal

Windfit changes the way wind farms are operated.
Boost your turbine production, preserve your assets lifetime & plan corrective actions.

Windfit connected-technology

A pioneering technology for empowered wind operations

Windfit Neo Box Icon
Data Acquisition
  • Key data acquired from smart sensors embedded in the Windfit box
  • Independent high frequency data collection
  • Agnostic, onshore and offshore
Clouded Data Icon
Cloud Data Processing
  • Cloud-based fully automated data processing
  • Patented algorithms
  • Encrypted data transfer
SaaS Dashboard Lookalike Icon
SaaS Dashboard
  • Dedicated web portal displaying high valued diagnosis and analysis information
  • Actionable results
  • Automated alerts

Made for Asset Managers


Independent asset monitoring to improve wind turbine performance and preserve their lifetime.

Remote expert analysis for the diagnosis of underperformance and lifetime issues. Automatic alert system to alert users of abnormal behaviour.

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Sereema diagnosis dashboard

Rotor Balance

Yaw Alignment

Tower Vibrations

Designed for performance teams


Empowering asset managers to unlock detailed performance analysis of wind farms.

Windfit comes with a best-in-class analytics toolbox.

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Sereema analysis sector compass artwork

AEP Calculator

Data Studio

Sector Analysis

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We empower wind farm owners, operators and asset managers with factual and accurate results to challenge their wind farms performance & maintenance.

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