Windfit by Sereema Wind turbines performance and lifetime optimization

Yaw Misalignment
Yaw misalignment on WT-03
Estimated AEP Gain: +2.3%
Video preview: What is Windfit ?1:20 What is Windfit ?Watch this video and learn about what makes Windfit different.
Windfit is an autonomous assistant

The Autonomous Assistant

Windfit works in the background and only alerts you when a wind turbine requires your attention.

  • Fully automated analysis

  • Email alerts and reports

  • Suggested actions and priorities

  • Post-intervention validation

Windfit helps you win on all fronts

Win on all fronts

Make money, save time, and collaborate efficiently around clear and actionable results.

  • Increased AEP

  • Improved turbines lifetime

  • Shared technical knowledge

  • Smooth OEM relationship

Windfit is validated and verified

A Trusted Platform

With its great engineering and a solid scientific foundation, Windfit gets results and we've got proof.

  • Fully independent data acquisition

  • Methodology validated by experts

  • 100% of results confirmed on-site

Windfit is an all inclusive solution

All inclusive

All the features of the platform and all the smarts of our team in a single subscription.

  • Unlimited data plan

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • Unlimited diagnosis history

  • Technical support

  • Turbine experts advice

  • Corrective action follow-up

References & Testimonials

Thanks to miniaturisation and reasonable pricing, Windfit offers easy installation on a large scale and high level analysis. The result is a large quantity of crucial real time data used to optimize each wind turbine. A fantastic example of digital innovation !

Engie Green - Head of Performance

Windfit brings another source of self-reliant information, totally independent from the SCADA or the manufacturer. Windfit provides another secure and trusted channel of info to optimize operation and maintenance of wind farms.

ERG - Spokesperson

It is part of our corporate culture to trust and implement innovative solutions. Global Tech One and Sereema share the ability to work with data to gain advanced insight into wind farm operation and production optimization.

Global Tech One - Asset Manager

RES was among the firsts to trust Sereema. Their technology is easy to use and allows us to fix problems we couldn't even detect before using Windfit. Some corrections increased our AEP by up to 6% while reducing wear of our wind turbines.

R. Chevallaz-Perrier - Operations Manager

Total Eren use Sereema's services on our wind farms in Greece. Thanks to their accuracy and independence they really help us optimize our production. We are satisfied with the service and we plan to extend our collaboration on other wind farms.

A.-L. Messier - Senior Asset Manager

As an operator, it is essential for the Valeco Group to optimize a wind farm as soon as it is put into service. Windfit allows us to maximize our energy production while preserving our machines. This collaboration also shows just how dynamic is our region in terms of innovation in renewable energies.

S. Appy - Operations Manager