About Sereema

The Sereema story starts in 2013 with one objective: provide wind farm owners and operators with cutting-edge tools to monitor and optimize operating wind turbines.

Currently, it is accepted in the industry that 3 to 5% of sub optimization can be observed. These losses can be explained by issues such as rotor adjustment defects, incorrect wind direction tracking and approximations in the application of acoustic limitations. For a 2 MW wind turbine, these 5 points represent up to 20 000€ of annual turnover.

Facing these issues, Sereema collaborated with two national research laboratories, the IMFT and the IES, in addition to the C3E, Center for Excellence in Wind Energy to find solutions. After more than 2 years of research and development, Sereema successfully developed both the sensors and the infrastructure to efficiently analyze its clients wind farms and maximize their yield.

The French Ministry of Research recognized our project as an award winner in the 2014 I-Lab competition which then led to a proof of concept under operation since the summer of 2015.

Thanks to successful results and fund raising we have entered into commercial development since the beginning of 2016.


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