Empowering Windfit users by unlocking asset performance. The expert toolkit to investigate unexplained under-performance

Graphic of transverse acceleration and wind speed
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AEP Calculator

Evaluate gains from corrective actions, parameter changes or software / hardware upgrades on turbines.

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Sector Analysis

Allows users to understand behaviour and performance of assets with higher precision than SCADA data.

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Data Studio

Deep dive into wind turbine data: study precise behaviour of turbines or find correlations between different datasets

Your go-to tool to identify and quantify changes on turbine performance

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Access to different turbine data sources on a single platform

Result time series

Windfit Technology

Windfit box NEO

The Windfit box is an IoT module that integrates both environmental and physical measurement sensors to continuously monitor wind turbines. It autonomously and independently acquires, processes and transmits high frequency data to the web platform. Our Core Know-how and added value is the automated conversion of raw/acquired data into actionable results.

The entire process is fully-automated, from data acquisition to result display on the web portal, calibrated and adapted to any turbine model. Through scalable servers adapted to our exact needs and protected in-house development, the Windfit web platform ensures the quality, processing and secure storage of information.

Windfit box is concentrated in a single multi-sensor module, quickly and easily installed in less than an hour and completely independent from the SCADA.

Independent and fully automated data processing

Benchmark across farms and manufacturers

Review complete history of all past diagnosis

Deployable on all brands both onshore and offshore

Secure access with personal login and encryption

Wireless communication included