Documents & White Papers


Documents and white papers about wind turbines performance.

.pdfWind Farm Production under Wake Conditions
Our work presents the quantification of wind farm power losses due to wind turbine wake effects for 3 wind farms.

Rotor Balance

Documents and white papers written by Sereema about rotor balance issues.

.pdfWind Farm Optimization through Rotor Balancing
Looking to optimize your wind farm performance through rotor balancing? Read our use case and learn how Windfit helped @RESenFrance do it.
.pdfA wind farm under real conditions
Understanding the behaviour of a wind farm under real conditions: a complete study case
.pdfRotor Imbalance Detection from automated 1p analysis
Rotor Imbalance Detection from automated 1p analysis and measurement : Real case study during a long period for different large size WTG - Abstract, WESC 2017.
.pdfAnalysis of operating WTs using smart sensors technology
Study Case and analysis presented at the "EWEA Technology Workshop : Analysis of Operation Wind Farms", Bilbao (Spain), 2016.
.pdfWind Turbine Rotor Monitoring
Demonstration that online condition monitoring would improve operational availability and contribute to avoid rotor fault conditions.