A giant with a brain: smart wind turbines

Jul. 05, 2021 ---

A thought catalogue about smart wind turbines by Mus Rezzoug and Tiphaine Comby

Embedded Intelligence is the next engine growth factor for the automotive industry. Specialists estimate that in less than 10 years, the software element will represent 60% of the value of a vehicle, compared to 20% today.

Is it so incongruous to imagine a similar evolution in the wind industry?

The energy market is in deep mutation. The prices of renewable energies are constantly falling and cutting into the ROI. At Sereema, we took a bet that sooner rather than later, we, in the Wind Industry will move towards smarter turbines instead of bigger ones.

Streamlined data processing is already feeding investment, assets or maintenance managers with comprehensible info to help them make the right decisions. And this is just the beginning. Most of the existing systems use a single source of data. The industry hasn’t yet acquired enough "digital maturity" to be able to define common standards for data sharing, and data cross processing.

The existing technological bricks make it possible today to design enhanced turbines with in-built "intelligence". Real time auto-regulation based on information provided by data processing will enable AI to apply optimization decisions.

Being one of the pioneers of this adventure is very exciting, the development perspectives are even more so. If you’re reading and you’re not in the driver’s seat, there’s still room for passengers, join us and hop on, engine’s revving up!

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