Jul. 06, 2021 ---

BPIFrance names Sereema a startup with environmental impact

Along with 727 French impact startups, Sereema is named as one with environmental, social and economic impact!

🥁 The 1st mapping of French startups with social, environmental and economic impact was unveiled this morning by BPIFrance Le Hub and France Digitale ⚡ We are proud to appear alongside the 727 startups that are growing the French #TechForGood and #Cleantech.

Some numbers: 💚 727 French impact startups 🐣 5 years old on average 💼 17,802 permanent jobs 💸 9M€ raised on average (out of the 66% that have already raised funds), i.e. 4.4M€ in total!

This mapping reveals that Impact startups are rather young: the majority (61%) were created less than 5 years ago and a quarter less than 2 years ago . These young Impact startups raised 2.2 million euros on average and particularly address the sectors of agriculture and food, responsible consumption, and mobility. We are so excited to be a part of this list!

Download the full mapping of these startups at: FD 👉https://bit.ly/fd-impact BPI 👉https://bit.ly/bpi-impact

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