Jul. 23, 2018 ---

ERG France relies on Windfit for performance optimization

ERG France, one of the major players in the operation and maintenance of wind farms, to equip some of their turbines with Windfit® system, provided by Sereema.

Windfit® as a diagnostic & optimization toolbox for O&M operations at ERG France

ERG France decided 2 years ago to follow in the footsteps of their Italian mother company in partially internalizing O&M activities. They tackled this side of operating wind farms on their own, establishing a dedicated department within the company and setting up two maintenance centers in the northern part of France.

Sereema, recently awarded “Start-up of the year” by French eco mag “l’Usine Nouvelle”, is a befitting solution to provide digital expertise in order to dig into turbines’ performances, optimize operating behavior and enhance productivity.

Windfit® presents the data received on the cloud, after they’ve been screened, filtered and run through dedicated and patented algorithms. The user interface gives a daily, blink of an eye health chart of the single turbine to the whole farm performance. Functions such as rotor imbalance, yaw, vibrations, tower frequency are monitored and checked regularly, independently and precisely. “Windfit® brings another source of self-reliant information, totally independent from the data given by the manufacturer or the SCADA. Windfit® provides another secure and trusted channel of info to optimize operation and maintenance of windfarms” quotes the company spokesperson.

ERG France and Sereema have entered into a business deal in order to extend the implementation of the Windfit® solution to other farms operated by ERG France.

About Sereema:

Sereema puts high tech at the service of energy transition. Thanks to its Windfit® connected technology, Sereema provides top of the line services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms, thus increasing assets yield. Sereema now supports over 150 MW of wind farms in France and Europe. A Crowdfunding campaign is actually ongoing to further Sereema’s international development. You can participate here

About ERG:

ERG Group is a European renewable power producer, based in Italy, which has been operating successfully in the energy sector for almost 80 years. In recent years ERG has completed a radical transformation of its business, transitioning from being a major privately-owned oil company to being a leading independent operator in the market for electricity from clean, renewable sources. ERG is active in seven countries, owning and operating wind farms with a total installed capacity of 1,8GW across Europe, including in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy, where ERG is now the leading wind energy operator. Furthermore, ERG is among the top ten wind energy operators in Europe by installed capacity. For more information