Feb. 01, 2022 ---

Introducing Windfit Analysis

Launching the Industry's best-in-class wind analytics toolbox

Introducing Windfit Analysis

The Industry's best-in-class analytics toolbox.

Our objective: to empower Windfit users to carry out their own performance analysis on their assets.

Innovation is at the heart of our values, with continuous improvements and new developments that make Windfit an ever-improving solution. We bring solutions that will ease your work, not just another toolbox you need to learn.

A proven track record:

With over 1000 turbines monitored through our automated technology, we have listened to the needs of more than 50 key industry players and decided to develop new resources called Windfit Analysis.

A pathway for deeper understanding:

Windfit Analysis allows Windfit users to deep dive on the performance of their wind farms, understanding how turbines operate and behave. The main objective is to extract the maximum value from the different datasets within Windfit, and to empower Windfit users with the right tools to do it by themselves. “Windfit Analysis is for us a natural step that will complement our historical Windfit Diagnosis features”, explains Bruno Pinto, our CTO.

The first release of Windfit Analysis comes with 3 very different tools:

1/ An AEP Calculator, the go-to tool to identify and quantify changes on the performance of wind turbines after a particular event, such as a corrective action, a parameter change or a hardware/software turbine upgrade.

2/ The Sector Analysis, which allows Windfit users to visualise and understand how the external conditions impact the turbine performance and vibrations.

3/ A Data Studio, so you can deep dive into wind turbine data and generate your own graphs and obtain your own conclusions. Study precise behaviour of turbines using Windfit data, ranging from high frequency to final diagnosis, or find correlations between Windfit results and SCADA data.

These three new tools are already available for all Windfit users, and their feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

During the next weeks we will be elaborating on each of the three new functionalities, showing some real use cases and how our clients have benefited so far from it. Stay tuned!