Mar. 02, 2021 ---

Join Sereema and Tamarindo in the Asset Management webinar

Are your wind farms achieving peak profitability? How could you evolve your asset management strategy to increase AEP?

Hold your horses and get ready to discuss the evolving nature of asset management in the wind industry with Sereema.

Instinctively, you want to believe that peak turbine profitability can be achieved with your current asset management strategy. We invite you to challenge yours and make room for improvement if there's any to find. How could you shape your asset management strategy to increase returns, and can the digital transformation of wind help you achieve this goal? Join us on the 25th of March with the WattSeatWebinar in conjunction with A Word About Wind as industry experts discuss these riveting questions.

This webinar will address questions like:

  • How important is good asset management for project profitability?
  • How is the digital O&M technology changing asset management?
  • Is the workforce equipped to deliver the high enough service levels?

And many more riveting questions!