May. 18, 2021 ---

Mus Rezzoug speaks about digital asset management in 1 hour!

Sereema"s MD Mus Rezzoug is going to speak today at 10:15 AM! Join us at the Reuters Wind Operations 2021 to talk about digital asset management

A sneak peak into the most exciting online event of the season.

Sereema"s MD Mus Rezzoug is going to speak today at 10:15 AM! Join us at the Reuters Wind Operations 2021.

How does data help managers make the right decisions:

streamlined data processing will feed investment asset or maintenance managers with comprehensible info to help them make the right decisions. The key value for asset managers isn’t in the data itself, but all the info that could be automatically extracted from one or several data sources. Customizable information that is relevant to each target should be available in several formats.

How do digital solutions help fast growing wind energy players scale up their asset management:

The race for additional wind energy capacity requires new asset management strategies based on digital solutions: : saving on scale, more automated processes, better tracking of KPIs, better control of assets performance...

How do digital solutions help train and improve asset managers technical skills:

Pretty frequently, one sees asset management teams focusing on financial and admin tasks, relying on a pool of techniciens or experts for all technical issues. Many players are considering reducing the gap between the two worlds of admin and tech for greater efficiency, and putting asset performance in a higher priority into the process.

How will AI help shaping wind energy industry’s future:

Making wind turbines not only big but also smart, using sensor fusion & AI to auto optimise with their environment with limited human actions, to interact with other turbines in the same field for a better group efficiency (group data processing), better management of production/storage cycles between producing turbines and storing batteries… and this is just scratching the surface