Apr. 27, 2021 ---

Overcoming challenges in scaling technical asset management

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Celebrating SEREEMA’s 6th anniversary, PES Wind: a leading wind industry magazine, thought it would be a good time to ask our CEO, Jérôme Imbert, to tell us about digital and asset management strategies from the beginning, how it is now and moving forward.

"Data was frustrating for everybody and dealing with wind industry asset managers was a front row seat to the large volumes of information they treated on a daily basis and at the same time how blind they were about the real behaviour of their wind farm. SCADA data were available, and it seemed that the more data you had the better the control and yet it took so much energy to make it speak that in the end the results were, and are still, often disappointing. Sereema was born out of trying to solve this frustration.

Until recently the focus was mainly on financial optimisation, operational expenditure control and risk management. Controlling those parameters, provided that wind energy potential was at the expected level, was the standard to reach the yield provided by the business plan. There’s a new deal on the table.

The sheer complexities of adapting to various geographies, turbine models, O&M contracts, sizes and data loads are already challenging. The consensus is there: “the size of your team cannot expand at the same rate as the size of your fleet”.

One thing’s for sure, every single Mwh added will have more and more value in the future. It will be about short time reaction, downtime optimisation, fine tuning to get the most from local conditions. It will be achieved by closing the loop between the asset manager and its wind farm: A powerful combination of Edge (on-site) computing, internet network and Cloud processing will give each wind turbine a layer of on-board intelligence..."

Read the entire article as featured on PES Wind to find out how the cloud and data can bring the next evolution in wind farm management.