Jul. 13, 2021 ---

Sereema closes a second crowdfunding campaign in record time

Sereema closes a second crowdfunding campaign with Enerfip in record time! Eco-investors purchased convertible bonds to support energy transition acceleration.

Sereema secured an 800k€ investment in financing through a round of crowdlending. A couple of hundred eco-investors rushed to the Enerfip platform to support the project by subscribing bonds… enthusiastically closing the deal in a little less than 10 minutes!

Back in 2018, Sereema had already successfully raised 400k, through a first crowdlending campaign with the green Enerfip financing platform. Having paid up the first round in full, the company decided to call yet again upon eco-investors to pursue its mission of accelerating energy transition by growing faster while remaining in charge of their capital.

Elaia Partners, Sereema’s historical investor, also jumped in on this round, for a minor stake in convertible bonds.

Eco-citizens trusted Sereema for a second campaign on the green Enerfip platform

Crowdfunding is a natural part of our development strategy. Through our company values, we openly promote participation and awareness. Combining both, it fuels opportunities and benefits for all while investing in energy transition. On this occasion we would like to thank you for your trust and support. It is with you by our side that we have successfully evolved to become a significant digital player in the wind industry.

voiced Jérome IMBERT, CEO to the eco-investors who placed their faith in the company’s project by purchasing bonds.

At Sereema we believe that lowering energy cost is key in accelerating energy transition. With the renewed trust of our clients and investors, we’ll luckily soon grow even stronger and further, to boost wind energy and keep it competitive in the energy mix.

About Sereema :

Sereema is a Deep Tech company aiming towards wind turbine operation and maintenance excellence. Windfit®, is its autonomous, all-inclusive digital solution to correct under-performing wind turbines and preserve lifetime while offering independent real-time monitoring on a user-friendly web portal.

Thanks to its Windfit-connected technology, Sereema provides peak services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms.

Sereema now supports over 1.8GW all over Europe.