Sereema’s Windfit solution selected by the RES Group

Feb. 03, 2017 ---

Sereema’s Windfit solution was selected by the RES Group to optimize wind turbines at its park located in Claves (Drôme, France).

In order to optimize the potential of its wind assets, the RES group is always on the lookout for new innovative solutions. Thanks to its ingenious system, Sereema’s Windfit solution was chosen to equip a 10,5 MW RES wind farm in France.

First RES wind farm equipped with Windfit

The Claves wind farm, located in the south of France, and equipped with 6 wind turbines of 1.75 MW, will be the first RES wind farm set up with the innovative Windfit solution. This farm’s production is estimated at 27 700 MWh per year. Using the Windfit solution, productivity on the farm will be optimized by significantly limiting production losses related to maintenance operations.

Embedded sensors associated with algorithms

Thanks to their embedded sensors, Windfit boxes are able to measure the wind turbines’ activity and automatically transmit the information to Sereema’s cloud platform. Using dedicated algorithms, we can then process the data in real time. The analysis provides a better understanding of the conditions of operation and allows to more effectively diagnose the settings necessary for optimal yield on the farm.

The Windfit solution should help us more clearly identify the behavior of the wind turbines and their interaction with the wind on this first farm. The solution is simple to implement and should help us maximize production of each available kwh at the lowest price possible Renaud Chevallaz-Perrier, Operations Manager for RES in France

The RES Group is known to be technically demanding, which is why we are particularly proud to have been selected for this program. The installation was done by the RES team and reinforces our belief that the Windfit solution can be independently installed on any existing system. Jérôme Imbert, President and founder of Sereema

About RES

RES is the world's largest independent renewable energy company with a 12 GW portfolio and the expertise to develop, engineer, construct, finance, and operate projects around the globe. RES is active in a range of energy technologies including onshore and offshore wind, solar, energy storage and transmission. For more information :

About the Claves wind farm

RES developed and built the Claves wind farm which has been operating since its commissioning in 2005. The farm is located close to the village of Roussas on the Plateau de l’Argelas. The wind farm supplies nearly 6,000 households each year with clean energy and avoids the emission of 2000 tons of CO2.


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