Thank you all for coming to Windfit Users Day

Oct. 01, 2019 ---

Sereema threw its first Windfit Users Day in Montpellier. Discussions about main features of sensor box monitoring wind turbine rotor imbalance yaw misalignment

A swirling wave of thanks to all the participants of #Windfit Users day in Montpellier.

hotel de region, Montpellier

With the fast pace of innovation, we want to make sure users are getting the more out of the service. This year's first event focused on presenting the main features from the star Rotor Imbalance detection to the yaw Misalignment measure; also introducing the future ones such as daily independent performance index thanks to the added wind sensor on Windfit box.

windfit v2

Also discussed best practices, new ideas and bigger picture scenarios with Anne Laure Messier, Giannino Martin, Alix Pradel, Yann Poupin, Nicolas RIBAUD, Valentin Odoul, Florian Vivion, Sylvain Ehrström, Pierre-Olivier MOTTE, Hadrien Labeyrie, Clément Dalmont, Benjamin Holthaus...

We are looking forward to welcoming you again!! Windfit User Day