VALECO embraces WINDFIT for wind farm optimization strategy

Mar. 03, 2020 ---

Valeco has added Windfit as a reference tool in their wind farm performance optimization strategy. The turbines will be monitored throughout their lifecycle.

“Test it keep it”, could be the motto to sum up Windfit’s journey inside the fleet of European wind turbine operator Valeco’s.

Windfit boxes generalized on Valeco’s fleet of wind turbines to pursue 100% optimization goal

Valeco’s wind farms equipped with Windfit have shown results convincing enough to have Valentin Odoul and his team promote Sereema’s digital solution as one of their reference tool to optimize wind turbine performance.

This performance-based strategy can be adopted as well on operating wind farms as on new ones, right from the commissioning phase.

"A first step for our fleet’s global optimization strategy is filled by letting Windfit monitor autonomously all the turbines, so as to detect any under-performance issue as soon as they arise, " explains Valeco Head of Performance Optimization. "The diagnoses delivered by Windfit help us better decide our corrective action plans and optimization strategy."

The easy set-up process of Windfit, and its precision both seduced Valeco. The European IPP is now dwelling on the automated diagnoses delivered on their door-step by Sereema’s system to present O&M partners with facts when it’s time to act… correct… and gain AEP.

Boosting production while preserving the machines

With 10 features monitored today, from rotor imbalance to yaw misalignment, Windfit’s turbines health bulletins have earned their spot on Valeco’s tools to be part of the strategic battle of asset optimization. This strengthened partnership between the two companies settled in the Occitanie Region is a new stepstone for both performance optimization and digitalization of asset management strategies.

About Valeco

Valeco, based in Montpellier, is among the Top 10 renewable projects operator on the French market. With 180 employees, the company is active in France and all over the world and present on all the value chain: from finding future sites for development to selling renewable energy power. With more than 400MW installed in Onshore Wind, Solar and Biomass, as well as 1,700 MW in the development pipeline, VALECO today generate 50M€ annual revenue. Valeco is now part of the German EnBw Group, one of the biggest energy players in Europe. With over 21 000 people, EnBW provides power, gas and water to roughly 5,5M customers, bringing them services and solutions for energy distribution. Public shareholding (Bade-Wurtembegr Land and town councils) gives the group both stability and regional foothold as well as contributes to keep it on the key player energy transition grid.

About Sereema

Sereema is a disruptive international player of the energy transition. Our goal is to help wind energy gain momentum and competitiveness. We help investors and operators boost production of their wind farms through innovative digital tools combined with IoT technology. A true market pioneer, Sereema opens up access to independent data for wind farm operation.
Windfit is a solution sold as a subscription already in 12 countries, mainly in Europe, USA and Indian Ocean. With over 700MW cumulated power in operation since its beginning, Sereema brings expertise, accuracy and visibility to the owners and operators of wind power plants, supporting them in their performance optimisation strategy while preserving the lifetime of their investments.