VALECO Group bets on Windfit for a homerun on their turbines

Mar. 07, 2019 ---

Valeco Group triple orders of Windfit Sereema to optimize wind turbine performance, detect rotor imbalance, yaw misalignment, plan corrective actions permanent

French Valeco Group recently renewed their trust in Sereema company, after more than two years of successful collaboration to equip the wind turbines on their farms with Windfit® system.

Valeco, who’s been using the solution since its commercial launch back in 2017, just announced their decision to triple the quantity of Windfit connected boxes.

Deployed across 5 wind farms, the solution will ensure performance optimization and lifetime preservation of the turbines on the long-run.

Valeco group triple Windfit orders for their windfarms

The choice to install Windfit on more turbines is linked to our goal of asset production optimization while keeping a close operational monitoring so as to reduce the wear on the machines.

Windfit is one solution among our fleet of tools to provide real-time production follow-up on our farms at all times. Sebastien Appy, Head of Operations

A unique interface: from detection to alerts and correction

The digital platform is included in the subscription of Windfit. It displays in one single web page all the relevant info extracted from the data gathered by the sensors embedded in the box.

Processed by Sereema’s patented algorithms, the relevant data is extracted and presented as actionable results automatically alerting at each critical issue detected.

Listening to our customers is essential to improve the service they get from Windfit. Talking to our clients made us realize how Windfit was helping them by unloading the burden of analysis and diagnosis work off their shoulders. They rely on Windfit for that and focus on correcting the machines parameters.

When Windfit is permanently installed, as is the case with Valeco’s fleet, it becomes the asset manager’s autonomous assistant, doing the monkey work, while they turn to optimization and lifetime extension issues. Bruno Pinto, CTO

About Sereema

Sereema is a Deep Tech company aiming towards wind turbine operation and maintenance excellence. Windfit®, is its autonomous, all-inclusive digital solution to correct under-performing wind turbines and preserve lifetime while offering independent real-time monitoring on a user-friendly web portal.

Thanks to its Windfit-connected technology, Sereema provides peak services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms. Sereema now supports 200MW of wind farms in Europe.

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About Valeco

VALECO Group is a family-owned company specialized in developing, financing, building, operating and maintaining renewable energy power plants in France and abroad.

VALECO is a key player off France’s energy sector, dedicated to a durable and concerted approach, respectfully and responsibly considering the territory and roots of each project.


  • A team of more than 150 passionate men and women
  • 380 MW in operation
  • 131 operating wind turbines
  • 500 000 m² solar PV panels (ground and roof-mount panels)
  • 1 000 MW in development portfolio
  • 52 M€ turnover in 2018

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