Apr. 06, 2022 ---

Ventient Energy partners with Sereema for the long haul

Sereema’s Windfit asset performance monitoring solution adopted by Ventient Energy to support their Yaw optimization strategy.

PES Wind Reports:

Ventient Energy, a pan European renewable energy, owner and operator, has endorsed Sereema’s pioneer asset optimization solution: Windfit. The collaboration between both companies dates back a few years, when Iberwind, now part of Ventient Energy group, used Windfit diagnosis features to monitor and increase the performance of their assets.

On a second phase, both teams worked hand in hand on defining a tailored business case to integrate Windfit in the wind assets global performance optimization strategy with a specific focus on the yaw system.

“Adapting the technological innovation brought by Windfit to the Ventient specific business case was key here. Ventient team methodology was very challenging and we learned a lot in the process.” - Mus Rezzoug, Managing Director, Sereema.

Different scenarios have been considered to validate the best possible ROI.

The study led to a large deployment via a 100 Windfit 3-year subscription plan to be installed in UK, Spain, France and Belgium.

“Collaborating with Ventient Energy those last few years on their quest to improve the operation of their wind farms has been a pleasure and a real learning experience. The close relationship between both teams opened up a very efficient and fruitful partnership” - Bruno Pinto, CTO, Sereema.

Tiago Silva, Head of Asset Performance at Ventient Energy reflects “Following last year’s positive outcomes using Windfit in the Portuguese assets, it made sense to spread to the wider portfolio. The relationship that was built is one of true win-win and collaboration, driving both companies to get results for future”.

About Ventient

Ventient Energy is a pan-European, non-utility generator of renewable energy. It currently owns and operates onshore wind farms in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, with a total installed capacity of 2.6GW. Ventient’s portfolio has grown quickly since its formation in 2017. The business focuses on sustainable growth that provides long term returns to their pension fund shareholders and generates renewable energy to help secure the future of people and the planet. For more information please visit the Ventient website.

About Sereema

Sereema is a CleanTech company aiming towards wind turbine operation and maintenance excellence. Windfit®, is its autonomous, all-inclusive global independent asset monitoring solution, providing diagnoses and enabling analysis of wind turbine and wind farm performance. Thanks to its Windfit-connected technology, Sereema provides peak services to optimize energy production and maintenance of wind farms. Sereema now supports over 2.5 GW of wind farms across the world.