Why should turbines remain under scrutiny during the summer?

Aug. 17, 2021 ---

Why should turbines remain under scrutiny during the summer?Keeping everything set up and ready to be optimised to produce more wind energy!

Are Summer camps really necessary for wind turbines?

Why should turbines remain under scrutiny during the summer? What’s the use when it seems obvious that wind is often on vacation as well?

Summer vacations are almost over but we have some food for thought for next season!

The advantages of keeping monitoring the turbines during the off season may be missing from your radar.

According to Eurostat, around 18 to 19% of the annual wind electricity production is generated during the summer! Keeping everything set up and ready, optimised, to produce more power could save your year if the wind is not there in one or two other months.

This way, if there’s a need to stop the machine in order to proceed with them, you’re not doing this when the strongest winds are blowing. It shows a sound resilience policy as you can anticipate early warnings before conditions get stronger.

Let’s also keep in mind that major maintenance (and retrofit) works are usually carried out during the mildest months to avoid losing highly productive days and to benefit from better weather conditions on site. Heavy or unusual works mean more risk of losing optimal settings. Being able to catch a deviation right from the restart helps prevent future shutdowns during windier days to come.

Spoiler alert:

Other solutions may be able to monitor your assets in the summer too, but with Windfit’s precision and acuteness of its data analysis, the quantity of wind necessary to have readable results is minimal. People may be on vacation, but Windfit keeps diagnosing and sorting through the issues to only alert asset managers when reaching a critical threshold. This way, human workload is spared and fewer resources are needed at a time when half the teams are away on annual leave.