Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum, Berlin 2016

Sep. 16, 2016 ---

Sereema will be in Berlin for the Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum.

The Wind Power Big Data and IOT Forum is one of the most capital and important IoT events in the wind sector.

The German capital, Berlin, will host lot of professionals in the wind market to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences. The Forum will disclose practical insight for the Big Data management in order to improve Wind Power farms reliability, sustainability and overall performance. The participants will discuss the importance maintenance collected from the date and will also develop an optimized strategy for the Wind Farm performance.

Thanks to the Forum, the participants will have the chance to take lot of advantages. The participants will learn the importance and advantages of Big Data and IoT usage in wind farm’ operation. Also, apply predictive maintenance approach to wind farm performance. Then, enhance assets integrity and reliability, and finally, get an overview of the newest data analysis techniques. The result and purpose of the forum is minimizing costs and risk, optimizing the technology, maximizing productivity and gaining from O&M automatization.

Sereema will showcase the lastest version of its solution, Windfit. In addition to the smart sensor box, this new version includes a new web portal. Available as a SaaS, it guaranties Sereema's clients secure access to their wind turbines monitoring data and associated diagnosis tools for better performance control.

Save the date: October 19th and 20th, 2016, Berlin will be the center of attention for all the wind actors. The event will take place at: Holiday Inn Berlin Airport - Conference Centre Berlin, Germany

Sereema will be in Berlin for the Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum.

Come meet us and discover our solutions for high performance wind turbine monitoring.