Oct. 27, 2020 ---

Windfit gets ready to withstand extreme weather conditions

Windfit is getting ready to optimize wind turbines in extreme weather to increase turbine AEP remotely!

Windfit is getting ready to stand out in extreme cold weather and have its winter cloak protection to endure the harshness of first frostbites!

Wind turbines located in colder climates face additional challenges such as:

  • Accumulation of ice on wind turbine blades resulting in reduced performance;
  • Expensive and difficult for O&Ms to do on site inspections.

With such challenging conditions, it can be reassuring to have a solution like Windfit that can remotely monitor performance and alert asset managers for maintenance and operation issues. Wind farm operators can start O&M corrective action planning thanks to prioritizing issues detected by Windfit. Having an eye on degradation of issues detected can aid operators to launch O&M intervention if necessary.

At Sereema, we conducted tests with the help of Micro-PackS (Gemalto, ST Microelectronics, ENM-SE, Lfoundry, Cea-Leti, ISEN, SPS, Rockwood and more) are conclusive so far, and our new Windfit ice cream bar feels right at home in its own personal freezer.

A cold resistant version soon to be deployed in the most climate challenging wind farms to optimize the performance of wind turbines anywhere, anytime.