Windfit optimizes Energieallianz Bayern wind turbines fleet

Oct. 12, 2020 ---

Energieallian Bayern chose to rely on Windfit solution to remotely monitor under-performances on their wind turbines

The Energieallianz Bayern (EAB) is an association of municipal utility companies. In addition to technical and commercial management, EAB's park management also includes wind park optimization and asset management.

They chose to rely on Windfit solution to remotely check under-performances on their fleet. The automated digital solution determines the cause of power loss on each equipped turbine and checks the results of corrective actions performed to make sure that the machines are performing at their best.

"A machine can be available 99% of the time, and still not produce as much as it could, or causing damage undetected by a regular 10min SCADA analysis", informs Sereema representative. Windfit empowers companies such as EAB who are looking towards independent, accurate, expert diagnoses to perfect their portfolio's performance strategies.