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Windfit ready for mass deployment after 700k€ fundraising

Sereema successfully raised 700k€ among investment funds and a crowdlending campaign. @AfoneParticipations @ItTranslation @Enerfip

Sereema announces a 700k€ fundraising round to boost company international growth in wind energy market

In a joint crowdfunding and investment funds campaign, the start-up specialized in digital expertise for windturbines just finalized a fundraising round through Enerfip crowdlending platform and VC Afone Participations & IT Translations.

A global market looking for optimization

107 billions dollars invested in 2017 is the astronomical number that shows why wind industry is one of the most tempting market in the economic world, even though the selling price of wind energy going down calls for action.

Aware of their needs, Sereema has developed an expert solution to analyze and optimize operations of wind turbines. The so-conceived proprietary system comes in the form of an IoT sensor box, embedding MEMs sensors, equipped directly on the turbine; a stream processing platform with its own algorithms to mull the data over; and a user dedicated website displaying all independent results under useful dashboards.

Since the commercial launch in 2017, Sereema has equipped over one hundred wind turbine across Europe. The company aims at tripling its turnover this year as well as becoming the European digital expert on the field in up to five years.

Money raised to help speeding international growth along

A first step of the financing process consisted in a three-months crowdfunding campaign (400k€) successfully closed by summer 2018 on Enerfip platform.

The Sereema project has met with a crazy success. 470 eco-participants from all around the globe decided to pitch in, proving the public and people’s interest in innovation and energy transition. Julien Hostache, CEO Enerfip

The results achieved by the company also convinced AFONE Participations to join the board alongside prime historical shareholder IT Translation, investing 300k€ in total.

We strongly believe that Sereema can become a digital champion in wind industry. Their technology is unparalleled and unique, and we share their market vision and opportunities to come, on a global scale. Eric Horlait, VP Afone Participations

Afone Participations joining in the company alongside IT Translation sets us ready to spring on the forecasted scaling company growth move. We are equally pleased to have called upon general public crowdfunding, as a way to promote renewable energy and share the company’s values and missions with the people and private investors. Jérôme Imbert, CEO Sereema

The fundraising is giving Sereema the means to staff their team and pursue partnerships to meet their European market leadership target and trigger business developments to other parts of the world.

About Afone Participations

Afone Participations capitalizes on their industrial experience in telecommunications and payment services to develop an investment strategy in start-ups bringing innovative technology, in France and abroad. Those minority shareholdings are oriented towards financial and industrial minded support. Afone Participations is listed on Paris Stock Exchange (EURONEXT / AFO). Turnover for 2017 is 41,8M€.

About Sereema

Since 2015, Sereema shapes High Tech digital solutions to serve energy transition. Thanks to Windfit® IoT technology, Sereema provides high level data information to optimize operation of wind farms, increase their AEP and boost their yield.
Today, more than 200MW of Windfit® equipped turbines benefit from the company’s expertise in Europe.

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