Oct. 30, 2018 ---

Windfit, your digital expert's relooking experience

Windfit digital expert to optimize wind turbine and farm performance presents its new user interface.

Enjoy a brand-new user interface and oversee your wind turbines and wind farms performance at will remotely. To sign in on the website, no need to change anything, just type in your log in and password. The different features monitored by Windfit will now be visible on the left of your screen, tabs one below the other to show results in a clearer and more effective way.

Brighter, more practical and better organized, your page displays Windfit's automated diagnostics, ranging them according to turbines or farms. All the features included in your subscription package, both standard and optional, are now just a click away to help you get the most of your Windfit optimized assets performance.

Sereema wishes you a pleasant web surfing and reminds you not to hesitate to get in touch to answer any questions.