Tools for your Turbines

How Windfit Works

Windfit Box

Wireless smart sensors

Acceleration, rotation, temperature, pressure...
Our sensor box continuously measures more than 10 parameters, up to 100 times per second, every second, on each turbine.

Windfit Cloud

Advanced algorithms and data mining

We wirelessly and safely transfer all measurements to our servers and apply the best algorithms devised by our experts.
We analyze each wind turbine, identify efficiency and maintenance issues and keep a complete history of those results.

Windfit Portal

Diagnosis and monitoring on all platforms

We deliver a clear and actionable dashboard.
You drill down efficiently from a multi-farm synthetic view down to the individual data points responsible for each diagnostic.

Easy to install and highly automated, Windfit is proving its value every day on a wide range of models and manufacturers :

AccionaAdwenEcot├ĘcniaEnerconGamesaGeneral ElectricNordexSenvionSiemensVestas