Windfit Foundation Monitor

  • Avoid costly on-site measurements.
  • Detect both slow or sudden foundation damages.
  • Prove the effectiveness of your maintenance operations.

Validating the integrity of the foundations of each wind turbine is a regular maintenance requirement.

Taking periodic measurements, while adequate enough to detect most issues, does not tell the whole story. You can't know when the change happened, whether it was fast or slow-paced and when you do identify the issue, it might be already too late.

Damages on the foundations will have a direct impact on the tower resonant frequency: Windfit Foundation Monitor remotely measures this frequency with no human intervention.

How can Windfit help you?

Windfit monitors the foundations integrity on a daily basis using the tower resonant frequency.

The tower resonant frequency, or natural frequency, is measured multiple times every day while the turbine is operating.

The daily results, combined with a long-term trend analysis, allow an early fault detection and remove the need for costly periodic on-site measurements.

The continuous and online monitoring assures the structural health of wind turbines and helps you decide when a corrective actions is required.

Windfit Features

Online Access

Log in to your dedicated and secure Windfit dashboard from anywhere.

Windfit Online Dashboard

Farm Overview

Efficiently compare and prioritize interventions on all your wind turbines.

Tower Frequency Comparison

Individual Turbine Report

Monitor the state and the recent trend of each turbine.

Detailed Tower Frequency Reports

Long-term Turbine Trend

Detect slowly degrading problems as early as possible.

Tower Frequency Long-term Trend

Windfit Technology

The measurement system is concentrated in a single module, quickly and easily installed in less than an hour and completely independent from the SCADA.

The Windfit module integrates various sensors such as a compass, a thermometer and a barometer. It autonomously selects optimal conditions for data acquisition, processing, and transmission to the web platform.

The Windfit web platform ensures the quality, processing and secure storage of information.

Detect slow and sudden foundation degradations

Compare wind turbines across farms and manufacturers

Review complete history of all past diagnosis

Subscription with or without commitment (minimum duration: 3 months)

Secure access with personal login and encryption

Wireless communication included