Windfit North Deviation

  • Are your turbines losing their North frequently?
  • Is your wind farm subject to a curtailment that causes significant AEP loss?
  • Windfit can detect any existing north deviation on your turbines.

Up until now, most wind turbines are not smart enough to autonomously locate the geographical north (or the 0°). Instead, they rely on a one-time-only configuration of the North position in the yaw system, which is usually done during commissioning. This parameter is key for the turbine to know its direction.

Misconfigurations can however occur during the lifetime of the turbine due to a communication loss, or a software update, which will delete the original configuration thus create a North offset.

Having important North offsets will directly impact the data quality of your SCADA system, your capability to precisely monitor the wind farm performance, and eventually can reduce the AEP, reduce the lifetime, or increase the noise emissions of your wind farm.

How can Windfit help you?

  1. Windfit continously monitors the actual turbine direction with its high frequency magnetic compass.
  2. This rich data set is compared against SCADA turbine direction to identify an eventual North offset.
  3. NSWEWindfit directionSCADA directionNorth offsetTurbine directionTime360300240180120600
  4. The North offset is checked on a daily basis to rapidly identify any alterations or corrections.
  5. Once the North offset is corrected, the SCADA turbine direction is back on track and the turbine is optimally configured.
  6. NSWEWindfit directionSCADA directionTurbine directionTime360300240180120600
  7. Windfit will keep monitoring this parameter and will create an alert if a new North offset is detected.

Windfit Features

Online Access

Log in to your dedicated and secure Windfit dashboard from anywhere.

Windfit Online Dashboard

Farm Overview

Efficiently compare and prioritize interventions on all your wind turbines.

SCADA North Deviation Alignment

Individual Turbine Report

Monitor the state and the recent trend of each turbine.

SCADA North Deviation Individual Report

Continuous Turbine Monitoring

Correlate changes with external events and improve your maintenance patterns.

North Deviation History Chart

Windfit Technology

The measurement system is concentrated in a single module, quickly and easily installed in less than an hour and completely independent from the SCADA.

Windfit intelligently combines data from its multiple integrated sensors: wind speed, wind direction, acceleration, rotation, temperature, pressure, humidity...

It autonomously selects optimal conditions for data acquisition, processing, and transmission to the web platform.

The Windfit web platform ensures the quality, processing and secure storage of information.

Detect and measure north deviation

Compare wind turbines across farms and manufacturers

Review complete history of all past diagnosis

Subscription with or without commitment (minimum duration: 3 months)

Secure access with personal login and encryption

Wireless communication included