Windfit Rotor Balance Monitor

  • Do you see unexplained performance decreases?
  • Do you experience excessive wear on your drive trains?
  • It is time to monitor the rotor of your wind turbines.

Between 30% and 50% of the wind turbines are concerned by rotor imbalance problems.

Windfit provides a continuous and online diagnosis of the rotor balance status of each equipped wind turbine without any field intervention or SCADA analysis.

How can Windfit help you?

Windfit distinguishes two categories of rotor imbalance issues: mass imbalance and aerodynamic imbalance.

Mass imbalances are caused by differences in the mass distributions between the three blades. They induce lateral forces which impact the reliability of the drive train (bearings and gears) and may cause major failures.

Aerodynamic imbalances are caused by differences in the blades pitch or profile which generate torque unaligned with the rotor axis. They mean an immediate loss in production by lowering the yield of the turbine and by generating higher risks of emergency stops.

Each degree of deviation in the setting of the blades can lead to a 2 to 3% decrease in production. It also accelerates the wear on the blades and on the drive train.

Windfit Features

Online Access

Log in to your dedicated and secure Windfit dashboard from anywhere.

Windfit Online Dashboard

Farm Overview

Identify outliers and similar groups across one or many farms.

Rotor Balance Comparison

Detailed Individual Report

Get simple and accurate indicators on each monitored turbine.

Detailed Rotor Balance Reports

Long-term Turbine Trend

Observe problems evolution and plan an adjustment operation.

Rotor Balance Long-term Trend

Windfit Technology

The measurement system is concentrated in a single module, quickly and easily installed in less than an hour and completely independent from the SCADA.

The Windfit module integrates various sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes. It autonomously selects optimal conditions for data acquisition, processing, and transmission to the web platform.

This diagnosis is based on the study of axial and transverse acceleration levels of the turbine’s nacelle at the 1p frequency.

The continuous presence of the module permits to select the perfect external conditions to apply the adequate sampling and accumulate the obtained results allowing over 200 analysis per wind turbine per month. This data is then statistically processed in order to provide an automated and reliable diagnosis of the rotor balance. The algorithm adapts to every wind turbine.

The Windfit web platform ensures the quality, processing and secure storage of information.

Detect aerodynamic and mass imbalance

Compare wind turbines across farms and manufacturers

Review complete history of all past diagnosis

Subscription with or without commitment (minimum duration: 3 months)

Secure access with personal login and encryption

Wireless communication included