Windfit Yaw Static Misalignment

  • Wondering where your AEP has gone ?
  • Worried about not fully exploiting your assets ?
  • Tired of lugging around huge equipment to get answers ?

Wind turbines yaw misalignment is a simple issue which happens much more often than it should: a fairly common misalignment of 8° translates to 2% AEP loss.

While the problem has been known for a long time, existing solutions often fail in terms of simplicity, practicality and cost effectiveness.

Windfit quickly and accurately detects yaw misalignments, without relying on SCADA measurements or expensive equipment.

How can Windfit help you?

  1. Windfit independently measures wind speed and direction using its integrated wind sensor.
  2. After a few days of automatic measurements under good wind conditions, the yaw misalignment diagnosis is available online.
  3. The misalignment offset can then be corrected by realigning the wind vane or entering the offset in the yaw controller configuration.
  4. After a few more days of measurements, the alignment intervention is validated remotely.
  5. Windfit then keeps monitoring yaw misalignment changes every day to ensure the turbine stays aligned.

Windfit Features

Online Access

Log in to your dedicated and secure Windfit dashboard from anywhere.

Windfit Online Dashboard

Farm Overview

Efficiently compare and prioritize interventions on all your wind turbines.

Yaw Static Misalignment Comparison

Individual Turbine Report

Monitor the state and the recent trend of each turbine.

Detailed Yaw Diagnosis

Continuous Turbine Monitoring

Correlate changes with external events and improve your maintenance patterns.

Yaw Misalignment Long-term Trend

Windfit Technology

The measurement system is concentrated in a single module, quickly and easily installed in less than an hour and completely independent from the SCADA.

Windfit intelligently combines data from its multiple integrated sensors: wind speed, wind direction, acceleration, rotation, temperature, pressure, humidity...

It autonomously selects optimal conditions for data acquisition, processing, and transmission to the web platform.

The Windfit web platform ensures the quality, processing and secure storage of information.

Measure yaw static misalignment

Compare wind turbines across farms and manufacturers

Review complete history of all past diagnosis

Subscription with or without commitment (minimum duration: 3 months)

Secure access with personal login and encryption

Wireless communication included