Wind O&M EU 2019 opens in Munich soon

Feb. 08, 2019 ---

Key topics: Data Driven O&M, lifetime extension strategies, service contract optimisation, centralisation of knowledge and systems, technical O&M implemented

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O&M strategies to guarantee the future profitability of your operational assets. Sereema will be among the community to share insights into current and future O&M activites.

Meet with Jerome Imbert, CEO, who, as a selected member of the supply chain producing innovative solutions to the challenges of O&M, will join key decision makers from the widest range of European asset owners, investors and operators to introduce Windfit.

Autonomous solution to correct wind turbines under-performance independently detected by IoT based technologie Windfit box. Book a meeting now to know more about special offers and opportunities during Wind O&M EU 2019.

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