May. 13, 2019 ---

Windfit's expert diagnosis on Rotor Imbalance confirmed

Windfit helps experts CP.Max Rotortechnick by verifying iterative pitch adjustements after detecting rotor imbalance levels

Windfit rotor imbalance diagnosis have been confirmed by experts on site on a regular basis.

Lately CP.Max Rotortechnik went on a windfarm in Italy on one of our client's request to proceed with iterative pitch adjustements on Vestas V90-3.0 MW turbines after Windfit detected high rotor aerodynamic imbalance levels.

Windfit results were used to accurately and precisely follow the intervention.

Windfit cp max rotor verif

In this case, Windfit showed that after the 1st pitch adjustment, the imbalance level increased instead of decreasing.

In the end, Windfit helped check and validate the intervention on site, saving time and money for the windfarm operator.

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