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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Windfit different from existing SCADA data analysis solutions?Back to top

Windfit provides insights that are not visible or detectable with standard SCADA data.

The independence and high frequency (up to 300 measures per second) of our data are key factors that differentiate Windfit from the rest of solutions on the market.

How long does Windfit need to generate the first results?Back to top

Some results by Windfit can be visible just after installation, with initial diagnosis available in a matter of days.

However, a full diagnosis can take up to one month, as it adapts to higher quality and quantity of data.

How do you ensure that the data Windfit generates is kept confidential?Back to top

We follow generally accepted industry standards and well-established protocols for the transfer and the storage of all generated data and diagnosis.

All communications are encrypted and mutually authenticated. All servers are regularly updated and access for maintenance operations is strictly limited to the necessary.