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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Windfit installed?Back to top

Windfit is installed on top of the turbine, on the nacelle’s roof. The box is attached to the anemometer mast, just below the wind sensors, using metallic collars.

A power cable runs along the mast and is connected to one of the service plugs of the nacelle (11W) using pre-existing cable passages.

How long does it take to install a box?Back to top

It requires less than an hour to install the box. Have a look at our installation manual to get a better idea of how easily it’s done.

Can I install the boxes myself? Back to top

If you have the required certifications to work on a wind turbine, absolutely!

We provide the complete training to you remotely. If you don’t have the necessary certifications, no problem! Our trusted partners can take care of the installation for you too.

Does the installation process jeopardize the manufacturer warranty?Back to top

Installing Windfit boxes does not require any drilling or accessing a difficult part of the wind turbine (e.g. the blades).

Windit is a non intrusive solution with independent data acquisition and data transfer, and the warranty from your manufacturer stays intact!

What happens if there is an issue with the box? Do you provide a guarantee?Back to top

If your Windfit box has any issue, our on-line support service will contact you to figure out what's wrong.

In case of physical damage, you will be sent a new one to replace it. Our support service is available via email and by phone during office hours.