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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Windfit ?Back to top

Windfit is sold as an all-inclusive subscription: Windfit sensor box, power plug & cables and alignment tool, sim card and communications costs, 24/7 access to web user interface displaying turbines status & diagnoses, alert system, monthly support call to go through the results.

How much does Windfit cost?Back to top

We have plans from 1 quarter (mainly for testing) to 5 years contracts. Higher is the number of subscriptions and longer is the duration, lower is the unit price.

Contact us for a custom quotation of your project.

Can I buy the boxes?Back to top

The Windfit solution is exclusively available via subscription contracts. Windfit is not sold as a product but rather as a service.

The boxes remain Sereema’s property during the contract and have to be sent back upon its termination.

I’d like to try Windfit on a single turbine. Is that possible?Back to top

A minimum of 5 turbines (10 out of Europe) is required to get the best out of the system, establish references and compare machines behavior inside a wind farm for example.

With the current business model, Sereema generally does not equip smaller wind farms with less than 5 turbines. However you can contact us for your specific requirements.

Is it possible to try Windfit before commiting on long term subscriptions?Back to top

We have specific plans for trials, 5 to 10 units, 1 or 2 quarters to check the system benefits on your own assets.